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In 2138, planets are terraformed by teams of repeaters who clone themselves to cheat death. Play as Astra, a repeater whose teammates' real bodies were killed in an accident. She's stranded on a planet full of hostile aliens, her only ally the feisty robot B.U.D. Help her beat the odds and return to civilization--or perish in a downward spiral of insanity.

  • Death is part of the story. Dying will not trigger a game over, instead forcing you to "repeat" with a new clone. But each repeat will diminish Astra's sanity.
  • Needs system. Maintain Astra's hunger, thirst, and rest by cooking, foraging, and sleeping. Letting these needs drop will affect Astra's sanity.
  • Turn-based combat. Fight through a hostile planet to search for valuable resources.
  • Exploration and mystery. Find hidden items around base, explore the planet, and uncover the secret of this strange world--a secret that may have killed Astra's teammates.
  • Three separate endings determined by whether Astra is insane or not.
Known Issues

The game is still in development. If you find any bugs, please let me know! Here's a list of issues I know about and am working to fix.

  • I'm still editing enemies and skills, so there may be some imbalance.

Install instructions

Extract the files and run the application. Controls can be found in the ReadMe.


Repeaters.exe 435 MB


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Oooh this game looks fantastic! I hadn't had a chance to participate in IGMC this time and didn't get to playing any entries, but this looks so cool and the concept sounds dark--quite the contract to your last entry (which I loved). Will get back to you when I have played ^^

This game was interesting. I enjoyed the concept of cloning reducing the character's sanity. It is a concept that isn't really focused on in gaming and I liked that it played such a large part in the game. Good job!

Thank you!