A downloadable game for Windows

Takehiko has always been told he's the Chosen One, and his destiny was to save Good Kingdom.  He never believed it, until the Dark Lord kidnaps the Good King's daughter as part of an evil plot!  In order to defeat the Dark Lord and save the princess, Takehiko and his best friend, Edmund, must travel the kingdom to find all six Talismans of Power.  Along the way, they'll encounter quirky allies, battle strange foes, and travel the diverse lands of Good Kingdom!

Guide Takehiko on his journey in an RPG adventure that parodies video game cliches.  Featuring:

  • grinding
  • leveling up
  • the Chosen One
  • quests
  • character archetypes with hilarious twists
  • a Japanese character whose name is the only Japanese thing about him
  • a dark lord with an obnoxious fantasy name
  • treasure chests
  • and more!

To install:

  1. Download
  2. Extract files
  3. Run game application


Arrow keys to move.  Hold shift to run.  Enter to interact/advance dialogue.  Escape to open the menu.


Every Quest.exe 349 MB


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hangs at this point.


Me too! What's wrong? It's such a shame not to able to play any longer.